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    Garcia Hotspur

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    Garcia "Fucking" Hotspur is the Hispanic demon hunting protagonist of Suda 51's surreal third-person shooter, Shadows of the Damned. Garcia must travel to Hell in order to rescue his innocent girlfriend Paula from the clutches of Fleming, the Lord of Demons.

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    Garcia Hotspur is the protagonist of the Suda51/ Shinji Mikami game, Shadows of the Damned. He is a veteran demon hunter and he's made a lot of supernatural enemies.

    Garcia is accompanied by his "partner" Johnson, a cowardly demon weapon he won during a "demoni bet" with the ability to shapeshift into useful weapons and objects to aid Garcia. This is an ironic pairing as Garcia is himself a demon hunter with a ruthless, violent, and merciless demeanour. The pair must venture deep into the City of the Damned within Hell itself to return Garcia's beloved Paula from the clutches of the evil Fleming, who has taken her captive, and kill as many demons as possible in the process. We learn throughout the game that Garcia is not a good reader.

    He is voiced by Steve Blum.


    Hispanic in appearance, with black hair and yellow eyes, Hotspur is an impressive figure. Garcia's body is heavily tattooed. There is also a tattoo on his neck that is an oath to Paula, which says "I would kill the world before it did you harm". There are also many other tattoos on his body including that of a snake which ends on his hand and also an angel on his chest holding two hearts (one in each hand).


    Johnson can transform into various weapons as well as shapeshift into Garcia's motorbike. This happens by using various forms of crystals that are won from normal fights, tasks, and boss fights. The crystals can also be used to "upgrade" the guns that Johnson then transforms into.

    All guns can be alternate fired to perform a "Light Shot" in order to remove darkness from enemies or light goat heads.

    • Torch - A melee weapon with the ability to remove the darkness from enemies. Can be charged to unleash a devastating attack.
    • Boner - A basic pistol weapon
    • Hotboner - Upgraded form of the Boner. Alternate fire can be charged to fire a "sticky payload". An orb with a large light sphere around it will stick to whatever it comes in contact with. It can then be shot to cause an explosion of light.
    • Big Boner - Special form of the Boner. Can only be obtained by using a phone. Fires powerful explosive shots.
    • Teether - A basic machine gun weapon
    • Teethgrinder - Upgraded form of the Teether. Has double the rate of fire due to its larger number of barrels.
    • The Dentist - Upgraded form of the Teethgrinder. Can lock on to targets to fire homing shots.
    • Skullcussioner - A basic shotgun weapon.
    • Skullfest 9000 - Upgraded version of the Skullcusssioner; primary fire can be held to allow you to fire up to four shots at once.
    • Skullblaster - Upgraded version of the Skullfest 9000; when all four rounds are loaded, if primary fire continues to be held, the four shots will combine into a large skull ball that will roll and bounce before exploding.

    Cultural Reference

    On both sleeves of his leather jacket are the words "Dead Souls", which is a song by the post-punk band Joy Division, of which Suda51 is a fan. The initial trailer had the words "Love will tear us apart" on his sleeves, also a song by Joy Division.


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