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A 33-year-old American assassin, Garcian Smith is introduced as the most dominant personality of the killer7 and the only personality that is able to directly communicate with Harman Smith. Though he is the weaker of the personalities in terms of firepower, he is the only character with the ability to resurrect his fallen comrades; thus he refers to himself as the "Cleaner" and avoids combat unless absolutely necessary. Garcian also has the power of telegnosis and is capable of viewing members of the terrorist threat known as Heaven Smile, which is an ability carried down and utilized by the other personalities. He wields a supressed SIG P230 for the majority of the game, which is eventually replaced with a golden revolver at the Coburn Elementary School.
Towards the end of the game, it's revealed that Garcian is in fact Emir Parkreiner - a government-controlled assassin known as the "Bloody Heartland" who was responsible for killing six members of the Smith Alliance at the Union Hotel and their leader at the Coburn Elementary School when he was just 13-years-old. After the traumatic experience of having committed several murders (dubbed the "Killer 7" by investigative authorities), Emir consciously seperated himself from his original identity and devised the persona of "Garcian Smith", and lost contact with his memories, perceptions, and self-awareness. This process escalated as he created a persona for each of the victims of the Union Hotel murders, using them in an attempt to bury his original identity further within himself. He discovers this after opening his third eye and witnesses his younger self commit each murder, and finds the weapons of each personality being kept in the suitcase he carries throughout the game. 

Garcian's Quotes  

Select Screen:

  • "Don't make me say it again. I'm a cleaner."
  • "Look. I'm a cleaner. I can feel no remorse from seeing a dead body. To me, it's merely cold, rotting flesh."


  • "Son of a bitch."
  • "Yeah!"  


  • As Emir, Garcian was responsible for the death of Kess Bloodysunday - the young boy who gives hints to the player just before encountering an unknown Heaven Smile enemy.
  • Garcian is the only character who visibly wields the Vision Ring, which enables him to see the Heaven Smile. As this ability can be used by all other personalities without the need to wear it, it brings further evidence to the fact that all of the members of the Killer7 are simply personas created by Emir.
  • The character Ermen Palmer in No More Heroes (also created by Suda51) bears a strong resemblance to Garcian. Though Suda51 has denied that Ermen is Emir, he has cited that there's "a special reason" for the similarity.
  • The song that plays as Garcian learns his true identity is called Dissociative Identity, by Masafumi Takada.

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