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    A playable character in the Golden Sun series. He is a fighter naturally proficient in the fire element, and the first to join the main character's party.

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    Garet is a Mars Adept born and raised in the secluded town of Vale, and the childhood friend of protagonist Isaac. He lives with his two siblings, parents, and grandparents, making him one of few RPG characters with a full set of living relatives.

    His initial class is Guard, showing a tendency towards defense. He is slow in more ways than one, but commands powerful swordsmanship and the ability to employ Mars Psynergy. Though often perceived as lazy, his talents are a result of his own diligent training.

    Garet is one to try fisticuffs before words, passionate about his way of life. The scholarly pursuits aren't exactly his cup of tea, and while this leads to him being the butt of many jokes, he is ever respected for his insurmountable courage and honest nature. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, particularly his best friend Isaac, whom he follows without question. Garet is by Isaac's side for every step of the journey.

    Even 30 years later in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, he and Isaac study the aftermath of the Golden Sun event together. By this time he has a son, Tyrell, who is best friends with Isaac's son, Matthew.

    Garet, along with Isaac, are the only two veterans from the first two games to make appearances in Dark Dawn. They are also both briefly playable, assisting their children in the early sections of the game.

    He also has a sweet mustache.


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