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    Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released 1988

    Garfield must rescue his girlfriend Arlene from the city pound in this puzzle solving action-adventure.

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    Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal is an action/adventure game developed by Softek International and published by The Edge for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum.


    Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal has players taking on the role of Garfield. It is up to Garfield to try and rescue Arlene from the pound.

    Players progress through the game by collecting and using various items found in the environment.


    Sinclair User02/198834,35ZX Spectrum10 out of 10100
    Graham TaylorEnglish
    Crash03/198818,19ZX Spectrum90 out of 10090
    Steve CargillEnglish
    Micro Hobby06/198828,29ZX Spectrum8.7 out of 1087
    Generation 411/198828Amiga, Atari ST87 out of 10087
    ASM (Aktueller Software Markt)03/198840C6410 out of 1283
    Stefan SwiergielGerman
    ASM (Aktueller Software Markt11/198891Atari ST10 out of 1283
    Atari ST User12/198819Atari ST8 out of 1080
    Nic Outterside, Jayne WestEnglish
    Commodore Force06/199316,17C6480 out of 10080
    The Games Machine02/198862,63C6479 out of 10079
    Zzap!03/198894C6479 out of 10079
    Julian Rignall, Paul Sumner, Steven JarrattEnglish
    C+VG (Computer + Video Games)02/198835C647.8 ouf 1078
    Paul BoughtonEnglish
    The One12/198849,50,51


    Atari ST

    74 out of 10074
    Graham TaylorEnglish
    The Games Machine11/198850,51Atari ST72 out of 10072
    Amstrad 100%06/198870Amstrad CPC14 out of 2070
    Your Sinclair03/198826ZX Spectrum7 out of 10 70-English
    Datormagazin03/198821C643.5 out of 570
    Fredrik PruzeliusSwedish
    Zzap!01/198997Amiga60 out of 10060
    Maff Evans, Kati HamzaEnglish
    ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)03/198857C64585 out of 100059
    Pete ConnorEnglish
    ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)02/198968Atari ST562 out of 100056
    ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)02/198968Amiga554 out of 100055-English
    Amstar08+09/198836Amstrad CPC10 out of 2050
    Power Play03/198880C644.5 out of 1045
    Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
    Happy Computer03/198885C6440 out of 10040
    Boris Schneider-JohneGerman
    Amstar06+07/198847Amstrad CPC--

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