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    Garfield is a fat, lazy, orange tabby cat who hates Mondays and loves lasagna.

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    Garfield is a fat, lazy, orange tabby cat and the titular protagonist of the comic strip of the same name. His favorite daily activities involve eating (especially lasagna) and sleeping. He also loves to torment both his owner (the nerdy bachelor, Jon Arbuckle) and fellow pet (the stupid yellow beagle, Odie). His closest companion is a stuffed teddy bear named Pooky and often have a vivid imagination (sometimes thinking he's a superhero). Along with spiders, Garfield can't stand diets and trips to the veterinarians office (often trying to get out of those situations). He absolutely hates Mondays (much to the chagrin of a certain Giant Bomb staff member), and is often struck with bad luck in comic strips that fall on a Monday.

    He's often controlled as the player character in games (primarly platformers) based on the comic strip, where (oddly enough) he is more active than usual.


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