Gerstfield and Yodie

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We're all aware of Jeff's opinion on Yoshi. Now, after his Garfield with Gerstmann series, we also know that he's developed a deep hatred for Odie as well.

What if we combined the two and also remixed Cal Skuthorpe's Gerstfield into it? Introducing Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb, Garfield and Odie from the Garfield comic strip, and Yoshi from the Mario franchise in the least ambitious crossover event in history.

Has art gone too far?
Has art gone too far?

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#1 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1849 posts) -

Absolutely disgusting.

Jeff is gonna be pretty chuffed when he sees this, great work!

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#2 Posted by Bedouin (148 posts) -

That is perfect!

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#3 Posted by Splodge (2697 posts) -

O my gosh

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#4 Posted by Rorie (5379 posts) -
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#5 Posted by Binghammer (4 posts) -

Yes! This is just awful and I love it.

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#6 Posted by drowsap (732 posts) -

Its Beautiful

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#7 Posted by hassun (9644 posts) -
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#8 Posted by MocBucket62 (2436 posts) -

This is wonderful!

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#9 Posted by CheapBossAttack (25 posts) -

Straight to Hound Pound 2 with this (excellent image)!

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#10 Edited by Chaser324 (8585 posts) -

Video games are art, and this is a good art.

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#11 Posted by mobius006 (66 posts) -

Video games are art, and this is a good art.

well said.

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#12 Posted by moondoggo (4 posts) -

Oh my gosh this is so good.

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#13 Posted by JeremyF (290 posts) -


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#14 Posted by JediAutobot (250 posts) -

All the kudos!

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#15 Posted by JohnyMyko (1775 posts) -


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#16 Edited by Thursday1977 (100 posts) -

Typing is difficult. I can't get my thumbs out of the 'up' position.

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#17 Posted by ShaggE (9134 posts) -

Ha! Brilliant.

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#18 Edited by Onemanarmyy (3966 posts) -

I'd read this cartoon. PAWSE Inc.

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#19 Posted by James_ex_machina (1063 posts) -


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#20 Posted by aviationmedias (8 posts) -

I think this needs to be a poster or something.

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#22 Edited by moderateTrouble (82 posts) -

let this be your legacy

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#23 Edited by onarum (3212 posts) -

You picked the right Jeff t shirt for this

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#24 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1307 posts) -

This is amazing. Nice work!

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#25 Posted by Bats (222 posts) -

Art is something that provokes an emotional response in someone, and well, goddamn. I am moved.

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#26 Posted by buzz_clik (7590 posts) -

I've only just caught up with this amazing piece of work. As the idiot who created the original Gerstfield shirt design, I officially endorse this. I now feel like Jim Davis, handing off ongoing artwork creation duties to someone else. Except, y'know, without the whole getting-fat-stacks-for-doing-nothing part.

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#27 Posted by Undeadpool (6753 posts) -

Just for the record: this on a t-shirt would PROUDLY join my Gerstfield shirt in a heartbeat.

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#28 Edited by kone (23 posts) -

@buzz_clik: The original creator has spoken! I'm glad you've endorsed this in an official way. I was sweating bullets wondering if you thought my thievery of your design was despicable, and if you were going to take me to internet court. But don't hand this creation off to me. I don't want it! Take it back, please.

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#29 Edited by soulcake (2459 posts) -

1000 years from now when some weird alien digs through the internet. I hope this is the first picture he finds.

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#30 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (734 posts) -

Nice work. This would make a great companion shirt to the Gerstfield one.

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#31 Posted by personandstuff (626 posts) -


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