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Garret is the special effects/makeup artist and the main guy in charge of merchandise for Mega 64. Garrett was introduced to the Mega 64 crew by Adam McCarthy, they took an instant liking to him and he has been working with them ever since the version 2 DVD. Despite mainly being a "behind the scenes" man, Garrett has appeared in several skits and episodes. Garrett frequently appears on the Mega 64 podcast but he is the only member of the crew that still has a full time job, he works as a full time electronics technician and also has a part time job where he dresses up as Darth Vader for children's parties. Garrett is a former skateboarder, self taught artist and avid gamer. Garrett is a youtube partner and posts personal videos on a regular basis, he hosts the store cast on his channel where he visits a store and records a podcast in the store with other mega 64 personalities.

Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo

In 2005 Garrett was the lead singer in a band called Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo and several of the bands song's can be heard in many of mega 64 videos. The band eventually broke up but after many requests from the fans Garrett made the whole album available for free download on the Mega 64 website.


Garrett lives a straight edge lifestyle

  • His favorite episode of Evangelion is the one where Rei II sacrifices herself to blow up the 16th Angel, he thinks Rei is a beautiful person
  • He is the leader of the FIG revolution
  • Garrett is a big fan of the Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid franchises
  • Garrett is a regular listener of the Howard Stern show and Joe Rogan podcast
  • AKA fruitsnax
  • Garrett had two cats, but his older cat Rei recently passed away.
  • Garrett is a member of the 8-Bit Senshi Airsoft team and is 2nd leader of the adult league
  • Unlike Eric Baudour his favorite food is sea food and sushi
  • Garrett is the only main member of Mega 64 with a twitter page (It was later revealed exclusively on the storecast that Derrick Acosta also has a twitter page, however has never made an update and is on a mission to see how many followers he can get while never making a tweet.)
  • He has a Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0 tattoo on his left arm by Heather Sinn which he posted a video of himself getting on his youtube channel
  • Garrett is of the belief that a person will not watch a youtube video if it is over 4 minutes in length, despite this Garrett has appeared in and posted many videos much exceeding this length. He can be seen in some videos checking the length to make sure he is not going over 4 minutes and exiting other videos at the 4 minute mark.
  • Garret modded his car so his shift stick is a PS1 controller
  • Described by some as the real life MacGyver.
  • Garrett once agreed to remove a $100 bill from his friend Crispy penis with his mouth but at the last second crispy chickened out
  • During Giant Bomb's E3 2011 podcast Garrett received a boner backrub while laying across the laps of the rest of the Mega64 crew
  • Admitted to losing his virginity at his grandparents house.

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