Any duders play Gmod, what servers do you play on?

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So after a while of owning it, I started playing gmod a lot thanks to a little server called gmod theaterwhich basically lets you watch youtube videos inside of the game, its pretty cool despite some of the idiots on that server and its high brony population(nothing wrong with that mind you). I was wondering if there were any other servers that you guys could recommend or if you guys apart of the pc gaming hub would be interested in playing gmod.

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Sometimes I go to gmodtheater, you're right a very nice server, it is fun to watch movies with other people on YouTube. I recommend you Sassilization servers.

They have several servers with nice gamemodes like:

Zombie Escape; Deathrun, Bunnyhop, Climb, (in the near future add gamemode based on the RTS). I really enjoy playing on their servers.

I could still recommend you gamemode:

Trouble in Terrorist town -

Frreta (mini games) -

If you do not know anything - use google.

If you want you can add me on steam :)


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I mostly only play Trouble in Terrorist Town whenever one of my Steam friends is like "the server's full of pubs, get in here and show them how to play this goddamn game".

Pub rule NEVER LIES - shoot everybody who isn't a regular after 6 minutes.

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