Is this worth getting?

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#1 Posted by hazzard4123 (199 posts) -

I have TF2 and HL2, should i get the GMod + CS:S pack? i've played it at my friends house and it was pretty awesome, so is this a good deal?

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#2 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

It's pretty cheap, I'd say go for it. It does make for some amusing gameplay, if nothing else.

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#3 Posted by Aska (535 posts) -

Definitely, if you enjoy sandbox gameplay in a physics environment.  There's also a hefty amount of lua mod's and addons to keep you entertained.

One of the best $10 bucks I've ever spent anyway, I still play/code on it.

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#4 Posted by hazzard4123 (199 posts) -

Ok, Thanks, I'm Getting Gmod soon (Oct. 7 to be exact)

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#5 Posted by Radical_little_Girl (34 posts) -

It is REALLY worth it. A lot of fun.  I love making catapults and putting people in them.

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