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    A male Guru in Chrono Trigger, Gaspar resides at The End of Time.

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    Gaspar (known as Hash in Japanese) is a minor character in Chrono Trigger. Gaspar takes his name from the three Magi (Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar ). He is one of the three Gurus; the Guru of Time, in fact. He was one of the advisers of Queen Zeal, until she grew mad with the power of Lavos and ended up throwing the three into different time periods by accident. Gaspar ended up in the End of Time, which is where Crono and his friends meet him.


    Gaspar lived in the Kingdom of Zeal during the Antiquity (12,000 B.C). The three Gurus were advisers of Queen Zeal. When she built the Mammon Machine, the Gurus (as well as Schala) strongly recommended against activation. The Gurus believed it would open a dimensional vortex, which is so powerful that humans cannot control it. Despite their strong arguments, Queen Zeal still activated it. Right as she activated the machine, he son Janus walked in. Everyone in the room (Queen Zeal, the three Gurus, Janus, and Schala) were teleported in front of Lavos, but the three Gurus and Janus were quickly teleported through Gates into different time zones. Belthasar was sent to the Future (2300 A.D.), Gaspar was sent to the End of Time, Melchior was sent to the Present (1000 A.D.), and Janus was sent to the Middle Ages (600 A.D).

    When Gaspar arrived at the End of Time, there was no one around. He quickly deduced that he was at the End of Time. After a while, he met Spekkio, who helped him build more onto the End of Time. They built a small platform for Gates and a room for Spekkio. It is unknown how long Gaspar waited for people to come to the End of Time, but eventually Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo teleported there. Gaspar's identity remains a secret for much of the game, but he explains that when four or more travelers teleport through time, they end up at the End of Time. He also recommends that they talk to Spekkio. Spekkio teaches them magic. Gaspar explains that one particular Gate located in the End of Time leads to 1999 A.D., at 1:23; the Day of Lavos.

    When Crono dies, the party is at the End of Time. Gaspar explains that he cannot do much about Crono's death, but honors his death with the song "Memories of Crono." Magus (Janus' adult form) comments that the only person who could save Crono was the Guru of Time. At this comment, Gaspar recognizes Magus and explains that yes, he does actually know how to revive Crono. He grants them with the Chrono Trigger, or the "Time Egg," and says to speak to Belthasar if they wish to know how to hatch it. After reviving Crono, Gaspar gives hints as to the many side-quests in the game.

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