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Gavial, a Sargonian who left her tribe after becoming Infected. She was reportedly in line to become the next Great Chief of her tribe, but decided she would rather save lives instead of take them.

Gavial took center stage in the Arknights event The Great Chief Returns, where she is lured back to her homeland of Sargon. Gavial met old friends and rivals as they were in the midst of selecting their next Great Chief, while Tomimi and other Archosauria tried to convince her to stay with them.


Gavial is a 4* Medic Operator who can be acquired easily through the Credit Store with in-game currency. She can only be placed on higher ground and, like most other Medics, heals the most-damaged Operator in her reach (including herself) with each "attack." Her Skill 2 allows her to heal everyone in her range at the same time when triggered, though at a slightly smaller level.


Gavial's name and appearance are based on the Gavialis gangeticus, more commonly known as the "Gharial" or "fish-eating crocodile," that originated from around the northern-Indian subcontinent. The animal is currently listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List since 2007 after much of its habitat has been lost due to sand mining, increasing agricultural conversion, and depletion of fish stocks.


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