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Conceptually, Geared is a very simple game. The player is presented with a screen full of gears -- some fixed, some movable -- and has to get all the blue gears moving. Of course, the level designs rapidly make this anything but simple. 
As of the 1.65 update, Geared features 150 levels of increasing difficulty, with some additional levels available for in-app purchase.


There are 5 types of gears in the game: 
  • Yellow - the yellow gear is always rotating and is used to power other gears. It cannot be moved and is not affected by gravity.
  • Blue - it is the goal of each level to have all the blue gears rotating. They cannot be moved and are not affected by gravity.
  • Grey - grey gears are used by the player to connect the blue gears to the yellow gear. All grey gears, even if pre-arranged, can be moved by the player, and are also affected by gravity (so a grey gear moved to a new location by the player and then released will "fall" down the screen until it makes contact with another gear).
  • Orange - these can be there either to help or annoy the player. They cannot be directly moved by the player, but are still affected by gravity (so grey gears can be dragged under them to lift them). 
  • Purple - found in clusters that make it impossible for them, or any gear  touching them to rotate. They cannot be moved.

Restricted Areas

To add to the challenge, most levels feature areas covered with diagonal lines. Grey gears cannot be moved into these areas by the player. However, a gear can fall into these areas due to gravity; so a player can drag a grey gear above the area, release it, and let gravity do the rest. (Of course, this still prevents the player from making fine adjustments to gears already in these areas; and some of these areas have fixed gears already within or just above them, making it difficult or impossible for the player to drop gears into some parts of the area.)


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