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Reinventing the cog 0

Gears 5 2019, XBOX ONE XGears of War is by now an iconic series in the pantheon of gaming. From the very first trailers over a decade ago revealing machine guns with chainsaws hefted by towers of muscle clad in bulky armor, Gears had instantly established a style uniquely of it’s own. As the franchise changed hands at the conclusion of it’s trilogy from Epic to Microsoft, the daunting task of restarting the series fell squarely on Canadian developer the Coalition. 2016 saw the rele...

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Not The Gears Some Are Looking For 0

It was a lot like Gears of War but it also wasn't.The follow up to Gears of War 4, Gears 5 picks back up with the same crew. This time they are trying to find answers about Kait's past. Their quest takes them to many places many places but also leads to many more questions. The story takes Kait and the rest of the Gears to a battle that none of them were prepared for.As a long time fan of the series I was looking forward to this game but tried to keep my expectations tempered. I expected the gam...

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Gears of War 5: hilariously oversized guns Edition 0

Gears of War 5 is a game where all the guns are bigger than me. It's been 25 years since Marcus stabbed the angry lady and blew up the Locust. The COG reformed and started building walled cities with clean water and probably internet. Anyone who doesn't want to live under the COG's rules are called Outsiders.Fast forward sometime ahead, there are new bigger, angrier, sexier Locust called the Swarm who are abducting people to turn them into goo and then cute little Swarm children who will grow i...

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