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Just a warning, there is a small spoiler but nothing that affects the story. It is just revealing part of the level.

If you're playing Gears of War 2, then you are familiar with the "Seriously" achievements for both games. This one involves killing 100,000 people total in every mode. You have probably also heard that the last chapter of act five is the best place to do this. This then leaves you wondering, "What is the best way to accomplish this? Can I really get 100 kills a minute?" The answer is, "Close."

Before I go into detail about the final level, there is another option that is slower, but a change of pace at least.

First Method, Less Effective

Act 1, Chapter 4

You'll begin on the derrick riding along. The intro cut-scene upon loading will reveal a giant sinkhole in front of you. Hop on the Troika and rain gunfire upon the weak Locust minions coming out of the region. This is more of a hassle than the other method simply because you have to aim more often and worry a bit more about overheating on the turret. Once those Locust are dead, quickly reload the checkpoint and keep doing this as necessary.

Second Method, Best Option

Act 5, Last Chapter

Definitely more fun since you are riding on a Brumak. Anyway, let me go into steps to make this easier.

  • Once loaded, press Back to skip the cut-scene. Just keep pressing it until it skips, this won't happen immediately since background loading happens during.
  • Take out the big group of Locust furthest from you by shooting missiles.
  • Gun down the Reavers above, keep walking forward.
  • Decimate the other group, closer to you, with another set of missiles.
  • Fire more missiles to your left from where the Corpser popped up, this will net you another 4 or 5 kills.
  • Take out any stragglers and reload the checkpoint.

Seems like a bit much, but I always over-explain the simplest of things. To put it in simpler terms, take out the furthest group, then reavers, the other Locust group, and finally the small bunch on the left. Things to remember:

  • Move your aiming as you begin firing missiles, this will spread them out for more efficient destruction.
  • Hold RB whenever you need to cool down your guns.
  • Sometimes the Locust groups don't appear, not sure why. Happens every five or so reloads. Just reload again to fix the problem.
  • You should get the notification that another 100 kills was gained towards Seriously every reload or two.
  • I was able to get about 3,000 killers in a roughly 15-25 minute time-frame. Wasn't timing myself, so sorry for the rather large spacing.
  • Go back to the main menu upon completion of a kill run, do not immediately turn off your system or join a game.
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I'll do some timing later and post the results.

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AmericanPegasus said:
"I'll do some timing later and post the results."
I've been working on my technique and decided it's better to just take what you can within the first 15 seconds. My new plan is as follows:

  • Attempt to take down both groups of Locust in one set of missiles. This means you have to aim, shoot and while the missiles are coming out continue to aim towards the next group.
  • Start at the further group, press "X," then pull down to the closer group. If lucky, both will explode and you can reset pretty quickly.

It's hard to really explain all this, but by the time you get a couple thousand kills using these strategies, or formulating your own, it should become set in concrete. Whether you think it's more time efficient to kill the first four sets of enemies, or just the two Locust groups, it's up to you. And please do post times, that'd be awesome.

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