any one want to help a noob get better?

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Yes i am a noob, i am man enough to admit it, when it comes to this game i need some people to help me learn the maps not glitches. i have played for like 2 hours and still gettin my ass kicked. i know its still way to early to start complaining. i never played the first game so i fell like im further at a disadvantage and people get pissed off at me whein im playing. i just want some people who will put up with a nood for a while and help me get better.  pm me if your interested.
sorry for the book

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there's always somebody in the gb chatroom willing to play some gears.

check out the community thread for info about the irc gb chat

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we all gotta start somewhere.  Hit me up if ya want to play.
gt: b0mb hills 
-btw the o is a zero

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