Anyone hear about another exp event?

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did anyone hear about the next exp event? I don't have twitter and the gow website is always the last place for info

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Valentine's Day (Weekend) XP Event: 


Straight from the Gears of War facebook page and the Gears 2 forums comes news that our next XP event is coming up the weekend of Valentines Day, February 11th - 15th. We will celebrate with 14x XP Wingman and 7x XP in all other gametypes. In Horde, the Wretch cupids will shoot their Torque Bow arrows of love. Check out Cher's thread in the Gears of War 2 forum for more information!

14x XP for Wingman 
7x XP all other game modes 
Horde special: Wretches with torque bows
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The 14x XP has been nice in Wingman.  Doesn't seem to be very many people playing it because all the matches I was in tonight were all still half full of bots. But the bots in gears still kick my ass half the time.

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