Bug in Gears of War 2?

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Hi. I don't know what's wrong, but I can describe the "symptoms".

If I log in with my account and I try to play GeoW2 I get the two logos (first GeoW2, then Microsoft) and the screen goes black, for ever. The console stops responding and I can only turn it off (by pressing the button on the front).

If I don't log in but start the game by reloading the DVD in the tray, the game goes all way through until I have to log in, but when I log in three notifications appear (unlocked characters for the multiplayer options) and the screen freezes as soon as this happens.

Do you know if there is any way to solve it? The game has become pretty unusable now. I was in the middle of a co-operative playthrough on the hardest setting and I would like to be able to finish it.

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I am not sure if it will help but generally these types of problems are fixed by clearing the cache of your xbox 360. This will not remove your save games but I believe you will have to redownload any updates and DLC.

EDIT: probably not DLC right, forgot the specifics here

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delete the title update in your memory, then start the game again, it will redownload the update, and should work from there.

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#4 Posted by Trylks (977 posts) -
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My FIFA 12 did this, it was something to do with the DLC for it. Try deleting some DLC, or something. I DUNNO.

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@Trylks said:

@jozzy: @SASnake:

Are you speaking about the installed game? I install all games. If it's not the installed game, that's something I've never done or hear about.

Is this it?:


Thank you.

No, there should be something called Title Update in your memory. Go into your hard drive, go to Gears of War, then you should see the list of all your save games and stuff for Gears, and title update should be there too..or it might be software update...its something with update in it anyway.

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This isn't really pertaining to your problem, but it's funny that the first game I thought of when you said "GeoW2" was Geometry Wars 2. There really isn't a great, short abbreviation for Gears, lol. Hope your problem is sorted out.

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#8 Posted by Trylks (977 posts) -

Nope, the system cache doesn't exist anymore, or at least I could not find it following the instructions in that page.

There are no updates either, all I have is the progress through the campaign, a pack of maps I deleted, many photos (also deleted now) and the game itself. Those are all the entries when listing what the game has. :-/

Thank you all anyway.

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