GoW GotY Edition - Worth It?

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hey everyone
im in two minds about getting either the original or beefed up version. I dont play on Live so bascially its whether you guys think the extra chapter is worth spending another 10 quid on the game. Any feedback will be appreciated
Edit : I mean GoW2 btw...

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Well if you're an achievement whore then you'll have to cough up the green, but from actually watching someone play the 'extra' chapter, I just don't believe it's worth the cash. I on the other hand wanted to buy the GOTY, but I saw that Gamefly had a sale for GoW2 for 20 bucks (with flashback codes!) and jumped on the opportunity. I just beat the game and planned on playing online, but found out that most of the playlists require some (if not all) DLC and I'm not interested in buying over XBL.

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it's 15bux for the dark corners which comes with the deleted scene.  It's a good additional chapter, but not worth 15$ alone.  I'd recommend against it and if you really want to find out about it just youtube a video of it.  It's value is in whether or not you play online.

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No, the extra chapter is not worth $15.

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No stick with the original, there's nothing in the extra that you're going to miss.

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