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If it Blood and guts you want then THIS IS THE GAME

Gears of War 2 picks up the story six months after the end of the first game. The Locust are so powerful that they can sink entire cities from below, that Jacinto might fall, it's down to Marcus and Dominic to take the fight to the Locust. This sheds some light on the characters and the universe, and though it ultimately uncovers more questions than it answers.

The gameplay in Gears 2 is fundamentally the same as the original game, but with some changes. The cover system has been honed so that you cling more accurately to surfaces, and the weapons have received subtle alterations than before. The revival system has also been tweaked considerably. Not only can your AI teammates heal you if you're injured, but now you can also tap A to crawl toward them more quickly when you're injured. This makes the game a lot fairer in terms of difficulty and allows for some heart-pounding moments as you race to your teammates to avoid a fatal curb-stomping from the opposition.

(SPOILER) The game has alot of twists and turns, for instance, The Locust are fighting themselves, but they are different there are infected with a gas. Maria is found by Dom, but there's a surprise. As well as how the Locust are torturing and capturing people, which they never did before.

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