Command Centre glitch?

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Has anyone else experienced a glitch when using the Command Centre?

Sometimes when I've built a sniper team (this may happen with further upgrades, I'm not sure) you can walk up to the Command Centre, press X to use it, and nothing happens. You can repeatedly do this, so that the announcer keeps saying 'Sniper team is a go'. You then have to wait a while until the Command Centre regains functionality.

Not game ruining, just annoying in certain critical moments!

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Yeah I have had that happen. It's pretty frustrating because it seems to last a long time, then randomly lets you. Wastes a lot of time.

EDIT: Blood Drive comes to mind as the map it happens on for me.

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Odd. The Gears franchise is known for its weird glitches, but Gears 3 seem to have very few that have a material affect on gameplay. Sadly, too few people will have unlocked the Command Centre for enough news of this to get back to Epic for them to consider a fix. That said, the list of fixed glitches in their Title Updates is usually pretty lengthy...

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