Gold Lancer Avatar Item 50% off/ Removed From Store after Jan 1

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Golden Lancer Prop
Golden Lancer Prop

Today is the the 2nd last day of the 12 deals for XBL and its all about Gears or War 3. The Gold Lancer is 50% aka 160MSP and it will not be available for sale after January 1st because Microsoft is eliminating Guns from being available for avatar props. You will not lose the prop after January 1st. I decided to pick it up because its kinda neat to have something that no one else can have anymore like those Midway XBLA games. The large weapons skins pack is half off along with the season pass being 600 points off. So is anybody going to buy the prop and what do you think of Microsoft eliminating guns from being accepted props?

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#2 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Oh boy, I can buy weapon skins. What's that? You want me to bend over some more? Sure thing!

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#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12826 posts) -

i'll buy it because i think the lancer is cool

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@Hitchenson: I think they wanted to keep it exclusive so they put it behind money but I think there should be some REALLY hard achievement that unlocks the skins. Not Seriously 3.0 because that is just spending a lot of time in game, maybe complete 50 waves insane on solo.

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