i just borrowed this from a friend, and decided to try horde mode

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#1 Posted by phrali (677 posts) -

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

no suitable matches found.

your connection to the host has been lost. WTF I THOUGHT THIS HAD DEDICATED SERVERS

after 30 minutes of trying to find a match at 6:30 pm EST i can't get into a single match, are you serious?

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#2 Posted by doobie (612 posts) -

yeah this is the same for everyone. nobody can EVER get a game. am i serious

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i read somewhere that the way people claim gears 3 has "dedicated servers" is a little misleading, not everything is on the dedicated servers. More specifically anything outside of Ranked matches is not on the dedicated servers.

As far as Horde goes, it's been mentioned by people at Epic Games that there are a lot more people playing horde in private matches rather than with randoms online. Also and somewhat unfortunately for you, with Battlefield 3, MW3 and Skyrim out more recently, a lot of people have shifted over to those, but there is some free DLC coming next week that should bring some more players back in.

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#4 Posted by thaijedi (141 posts) -

Ever since the update last wed/thurs it's been pretty bad at finding matches on every game type. I'm going to hold off for about a week and see if they fix it

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playing with pubs isn't that fun anyways for horde, you always get people who bail after 15 rounds, it better with friends over XBL and now that i have unlocked this mutator horde 2.0 has gotten even better

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#6 Posted by ez123 (2145 posts) -

I haven't had a problem in Co-op, Horde, beast, or multiplayer in terms of finding a match or lag. Horde doesn't have dedicated servers but it does have host migration so the "connection to host has been lost" thing is weird.

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#7 Posted by Intro (1271 posts) -

Horde and Beast online are not dedicated servers.

Ranked and Quick Match are and Ranked get priority over Quick match when finding a server to play on. Over 90% of matches are on dedicated servers.

Hope that helps. Also, I wouldn't recommend playing a full Co-Op gametype with random people online. It's a blast playing with friends in a private though. If not, you'll run into asshats who spend money on stupid things and don't try to help others.

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