Gears Of War 3 Tech Demo / Teaser

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So last week in GDC Epic showed of their new Unreal Engine 3 tech, with the foliage and forest engine at work which most of us have seen. Seems today they released a new video, with a Brumak walking in said is this a Gears 3 teaser, or just a tech demo? Whichever way it goes, im sure this is probably what Gears 3 will look like next year:

Huge Jurassic Park vibe heh... there is a Gears 3 teaser rumoured for April, with the full reveal at E3 so I guess we have to wait and see
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=( Links posted it a while ago.
Or a few days ago, man times going slow.

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oh, didnt see, sorry about that. ignore then :P

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Even if they show a trailer this year, they won't release a sequel to Gears in the same year as a major Halo game. Looking good though.

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As said, somebody has already posted this.

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