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Best with coop.

*This review is from June 29, 2008.*

I played half of Act I when it came on the PC so I had a basic understanding of the game. My buddy did beat it on the PC a couple months ago so at least I had a guide. He hosted and went with hardcore. I could rant all night about the team AI but I will just say it needs to be fixed and really annoyed us during our playing. When you had to split up and take a AI with you, well, they are 100% worthless so it made those bits tougher then it should. Then you add in the glitching of firing a weapon and having the rounds go right thru the enemy, very annoying. I would say the most annoying (not hardest) was the coal cart part. It took us two days of playing but we didn't play non-stop. I would say less then 10 hours total. If we played on casual then we would've easily done it under 7. And to top off the whole thing, I didn't get the achievement for playing as Dom for the whole story. Yes, I did the damn Prison level. I found out that this is a common thing so a great way to end a annoying game.

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