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An instant classic worthy of it's hype.

Gameplay: There are a few duck and cover games out there but they just seem to be missing something to make it great. Well, Epic has found the missing ingredient with this game. The controls are setup to be fluently where it’s not too complicated to do what you want to do. You are able to duck in and out of cover by the push of a button. You can dive and roll into cover without even thinking about it. It becomes natural and almost a sixth sense. Graphics: The graphics are simply marvelous for this game. The ambiance that this game has is incredible and it makes you feel a sense of danger when in heavy battle. Each area has a unique look to it and there are many overused / repeated textures. The mobs are quite unique in looks and actions. The body movement is easy flowing and realistic. The amount of blood is intense, especially if you enjoy seeing blood flying everywhere, see the lancer’s chainsaw

Sound: The voice acting for this game is very well done. It does not have the scripted feel to it. The conversations flow as it would normally in real life. The back and forth banter between you and your squad mates adds comedy to the game. The creatures you encounter have unique grunts and the wretches have a fantastic shriek that will send chills up and down your spine, especially with well setup surround sound.

Value: The single player campaign is a little short in terms of hours played. However, in this short time you do not feel like you are repeating the same tasks over and over again. Epic has a lot of different scenarios setup in the game as to not make it feel like cookie cutter type levels. Reviewer’s tilt: Perhaps what makes this game a great buy is the online portion. Some may be disappointed that it is a maximum of 8 players for multiplayer, 4 on each side. However, after playing a few multiplayer maps you soon realize that 8 was a perfect amount. The maps are smaller which is great for duck and cover type games. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack if the maps were very large seeing how this game is about duck and cover. The game has become very popular very fast but it is not all hype. This game deserves the praise that it is getting and I suggest that you at least try this game whether you are a fan of shooters or not.

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