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Gédòu Fēngyún (格鬥風雲) is a fighting game released by Long Weight Enterprise for MS-DOS computers in 1992. On the internet, it is often simply called "Fighter". The game borrows heavily from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, down to some of the character designs just being lifted or tweaked from that game's cast. However, some other members of the cast are more unique.

Attacking is incredibly different in Gédòu Fēngyún from its contemporaries. The Enter key is a standard melee attack, but this must be deployed while pressing a directional key simulateously, despite the directional not affecting the direction of the attack. Each fighter has three special moves, which are performed the same way throughout the cast: Shift + Enter, CTRL + Enter, and Shift + CTRL + ENTER

Playable characters

  • Lóng & Wēi (龍 & 威) - The typical shoto-clone of the game, based on Ryu. His three moves are essentially the Hadōken, Shōryūken, and Tatsumakisenpūkyaku. His profile image is actually edited from Son Gokū from DragonBall Z, and does not entirely reflect his in-battle sprite. The purpose of the ampersand in his name is unknown.
  • Shampoo (珊璞) - Very much this game's Chun-Li clone, although her name likely comes from the Ranma ½ character of the same name. Her special attacks are a mimic of the Spinning Bird Kick, an eye laser, and a leaping dive kick.
  • Marlene (瑪蓮) - A blonde woman in a fur bikini. She fights with a hair strike, a launching attack similar to E. Honda's Sumō Headbutt, and a flaming aura launch.
  • Ethan (伊桑) - A purple-clad ninja. Despite carrying some sort of Japanese sword and holding its handle in his idle stance, it remains strapped to his back throughout the entire fight. His moves include a super quick forward rush that damages on impact, a super fast low sweep kick to both sides of him, and a crouching shuriken throw. Aesthetically, he is reminiscent of Geki from the original Street Fighter.
  • Yuánrén (猿人) - Literally just Blanka. He has Blanka's Electric Thunder and Beast Roll, although the former also fires off a bolt of lightning forward as well. His third move is a crouching long tongue strike, with odd waves surrounding his tongue.
  • Frank (佛蘭克) - Essentially M. Bison/Vega/Dictator with a scar on his cheek and a mustache. His moves are Bison's Psycho Crusher, an airborne, forward-moving spinning clothesline like Tung Fu Rue's Senpū Gōken, and a plasma bolt.


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