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    Geese Howard

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    Geese Howard is a recurring antagonist in SNK titles, vexing characters in Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters, and many crossovers.

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    Geese Howard: the supreme ruler of South town and crime boss of the Howard Connection.

    Geese first appeared in the Fatal Fury series as the antagonist to Terry, Andy and Joe. Geese Howard murdered Jeff Bogard (Terry and Andy's adopted father) in his quest to learn the secret techniques of his fighting style from his master Tung Fu Rue (both Jeff and Geese were competing to see who would learn the techniques). During that time Geese was South Town's corrupt police commissioner and Mr. Big's true boss and mastermind behind the events that happened during the first Art of Fighting game.  Terry Bogard defeated Geese on top of Geese tower in the center of South Town after he made his way through the first King of Fighters Tournament (The first KOF before 94).  Terry attempted to save Geese's life but Geese refused help and threw himself to his own apparent death.

    Geese remained hidden for years training his body and mind for his return to South Town and his rematch with Terry Bogard. During the events of Fatal Fury 3: Road to Final Victory, Geese attempted to reclaim his position as ruler of South Town and attempted to retrieve the  "Sacred Scrolls of Jin", which is said to give their holder great power. In his ending, Geese obtains the scrolls and prepares for the next King of Fighters tournament.  During the events of Real Bout Fatal Fury, Terry and Andy meet Geese atop of Geese tower once again but Andy is badly beaten by Geese and Terry is left to fight a more powerful Geese by himself.  Geese is defeated by Terry and the same events that transpired in the first Fatal Fury happen again.  As Terry grabs a hold of Geese to save him, Geese refuses Terry’s help and forcibly lets go falling to his death once and for all losing his iron grip on South Town.

    Even though story wise Geese is dead, he has appeared several times in games as a playable character or a story arc for other characters in the SNK universe. Despite his apparent death, Geese appears in the subsequent game, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, as a hidden final boss named Nightmare Geese.  In Dominated Minds, the PlayStation version of Real Bout Special, features Geese sporting a halo over his head as a reference to his passing. He also appears as a regular character in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 although the game did not have any storyline.

    Geese's special techniques in the original Fatal Fury includes the Wind Slice an energy wave which travels over the ground similar to Terry's Power Wave, and the Knockdown Blow, in which Geese guards against a close-range attack from an opponent and then throws the opponent.

    In Fatal Fury Special, he gains the Double Wind Slice a larger version of the regular Wind Slice, and the Gale Slash, an aerial version of the Wind Slice done while Geese is jumping. He also gains a new hidden special move which he can perform when he is low on energy known as the Raging Storm in which Geese surrounds himself with a large energy wave.

    The young Geese from Art of Fighting 2 has a different set of techniques than his older self from the previously released Fatal Fury games at the time, with the Wind Slice being the only technique he shares with his older self. His two other special techniques is the Flying Sawblade Slicer in which Geese jumps to the air and strikes with a hand slice, and the Explosion Ball in which Geese strikes his opponent with a powerful back fist. His hidden special move in the game is the Deadly Rave.


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