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Gekkeiju Online is an online role-playing-game. It is an anime themed game set in an medieval themed world. The game incorporates many features of MUDs (Multi User Dungeons) into a 3D world.


Several races are playable in Gekkeiju Online. Each race has different stats. Some races can kill more enemies because of this and gain experience quicker than other races. In order to balance the gameplay each of the races had back stories created which explain why they gain experience at a certain rate.


The Catfolk are the most dexterious race, this means they can dodge hits much greater than the other races. They are also not as strong as the Humans.


The Goblin race is strong and dexterious. It is also possible for them to learn some magic. They gain more experience than Humans because they are potrayed as 'stupid' in the game.


Halflings are basically small Humans. As they are small they are weaker than Humans but they are brilliant at commerce within the game. The Halflings can learn the most difficult magic within the game.


The Half-Giants are a split between two races: Humans and Giants (N.B. Giants are not playable within the game). They are the strongest race in the game but due to the stupidity they are said to have inherited from their ancestors, they gain experience less than Humans.


The majority of Gekkeiju Online is made up of Humans. They tend not to have advantages or disadvantages as the other races in the game do.

Wild Elf

The Wild Elves are stronger than their good-counterparts, the Wood Elves. The Wild Elves do not have as great a knowledge of the magic arts as the Wood Elves do because they live in the forests.

Wood Elf

The Wood Elves are a great deal more dexterious than Humans. They are also a lot better at the magic arts than Humans.


Gekkeiju Online has five classes available for the player to choose.


New players to the game start out as Warriors. The Warrior is an all around fighter-class which is mostly concentrated on melee-combat. The Warriors do not have a knowledege of magic.


The Commoner is seen as a 'normal person' within the game and is capable of taking up professions such as a blacksmith or tailor. They have a minor knowledege of magic.

Magic User

Magic Users are elemental spellcasters.

Divine Arts

The Divine Arts class allows the player to learn divine and holy spiritual magic. They can also learn some combat skills.

Dark Arts

The Dark Arts is the evil counterpart of Divine Arts. The Dark Arts class allows the player to become proficient in offensive spells.

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