Gelato Beach

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    The largest beach on Isle Delfino, and the third main stage of Super Mario Sunshine.

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    Gelato Beach is the third main stage of Super Mario Sunshine. It is a sprawling beachfront area located along the southern coast of Isle Delfino. This stage becomes available once Mario has collected at least five Shine Sprites and defeats the Polluted Piranha that has swallowed the Lighthouse at Delfino Plaza; it can then be accessed through the "Rainbow M" portal on the Lighthouse's base. "Gelato" is the Italian word for "frozen" and typically refers to Italian ice cream, which may be an allusion to the fruit smoothies advertised at the Surf Cabana on the western edge of the stage.

    Mario typically enters this stage on a small circular island just south of the main beach. Further away from the beach is a slightly larger island, where a large palm tree supports a wooden swing that can be manipulated with F.L.U.D.D.'s Squirt Nozzle. To the north, the Sand Cabana on the eastern side of the beach contains several pieces of fruit. Peculiar plants called Dune Buds are spread across most of the beach; when sprayed with water, a Dune Bud alters the terrain surrounding it to create a variety of shapes or depressions in the sand. Mario can also dive beneath the waves to explore a coral reef just off the western side of the beach.

    Nestled amidst a cluster of palm trees are three large mirrors on pedestals, which usually point towards the impressive Shine Tower at the center of the stage. This ancient structure houses the legendary "Sand Bird" egg; according to a local Pianta, this living artifact has been incubated by the sun's rays for a full century, but is now finally on the verge of hatching. A set of narrow footpaths lead further up the grassy hillside and toward a small amphitheater overlooking the Shine Tower.


    • Episode 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
    • Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
    • Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
    • Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born
    • Episode 5: Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
    • Episode 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef
    • Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
    • Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival
    • Episode 9: Red Coins in the Sand Castle
    • Episode 10: Sandy Shine Sprite

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