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    Gene Simmons

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    The bassist of the classic rock band, KISS.

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    Gene Simmons was born Chaim Witz, on August 25th, 1949, in Israel. Gene was one of the founding members of the hard rock group, Kiss, which formed in the early 1970's, in New York. Gene Simmons is the bassist and vocalist for Kiss. He and Paul Stanley are the only members in Kiss who've been in the band since it formed. He is know as "The Demon" in Kiss. He is well known for his stage theatrics, ranging from sticking his tongue out repeatedly, stomping around on stage, licking Paul Stanley, and even spitting up fake blood after an intense bass solo.


    • Kiss (1974, Kiss)
    • Hotter Than Hell (1974, Kiss)
    • Dressed To Kill (1975, Kiss)
    • Alive! (1975, Kiss) (Live Album)
    • Destroyer (1976, Kiss)
    • Rock And Roll All Over (1976, Kiss)
    • The Originals (1976, Kiss) (First Kiss 3 Albums)
    • Love Gun (1977, Kiss)
    • Alive! II (1977, Kiss) (Live Album)
    • Gene Simmons (1978, Kiss) (Part of the 4 solo albums released by each member of Kiss in 1978)
    • Double Platinum (1978, Kiss)
    • Dynasty (1979, Kiss)
    • Unmasked (1980, Kiss)
    • Music From "The Elder" (1981, Kiss)
    • Creatures Of The Night (1982, Kiss)
    • Killers (1980, Kiss)
    • Lick It Up (1983, Kiss)
    • Animalize (1984, Kiss)
    • Asylum (1985, Kiss)
    • Crazy Nights (1987, Kiss)
    • Smashes, Thrashes And Hits (1988, Kiss)
    • Hot In The Shade (1989, Kiss)
    • Revenge (1992, Kiss)
    • Alive! III (1993, Kiss) (Live Album)
    • Kiss Unplugged (1996, Kiss) (Live Acoustic Album)
    • You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!! (1996, Kiss) (Live Album)
    • Greatest Kiss (1997, Kiss)
    • Carnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions (1997, Kiss)
    • Psycho Circus (1998, Kiss)
    • Kiss Box Set (2001, Kiss)
    • The Very Best Of Kiss (2002, Kiss)
    • Kiss Symphony - Alive! IV (2003, Kiss) (Live Album)
    • Sonic Boom- (2009, Kiss)


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