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Thirty years before the events of Battalion Wars, General Herman made a name for himself while battling the forces of the Tundran Territories led by Tsar Gorgi. This surprise assault on the Western Frontier became known as the Border Wars, and became a huge event in the history of the Western Frontier. Using the newly developed Gunships, General Herman repelled the Tundran advance, and soon built up a great army to lay siege to Gorgi's HQ just outside of the border zone. Successful Herman captured Gorgi, and forced him to sign a peace treaty ending the conflict between the two nations.

Thirty years later, the Tundran territories invaded the Western Frontier once again, this time as a matter of reclaiming their honor from their previous defeat. Once again, Herman repelled their assault, but this time he was joined by his young subordinates, Colonel Austin, and Brigadier Betty. Working together like a well oiled machine, they drove the Tundran Territories back to their base at Castle Potempkin and prepared to once again seize victory. However, before they could claim victory, both armies were assaulted by an Xylvanian bomber squadron, and Herman formed an alliance with the Tundrans to fight against Xylvania.

Herman soon led his army into the Dune Sea, and attacked the Xylvanian's Neocrite facilities, costing them a rich source of fuel for their army. Herman and officers scored victory after victory, and soon earned a new ally, with Empress of Lei-Qo of the Solar Empire and her advanced army. Together, Herman with his Solar and Tundran allies attacked the Vlagstag, capital of Xylvania, and ended the war. Even though the dastardly Kaiser Vlad had escaped capture, the allies did capture Kommandant Ubel, and believed the war was over.

General Herman did not return to the Western Frontier however, he took the opportunity of enjoying the tropical of climate of the Solar Empire, and took command of the Western Frontier garrison there with Brigadier Betty by his side. When the Anglo Isles led a preemptive assault against the Solar Empire, Herman gave support to Empress Lei-Qo, and helped her repel the Anglos. Afterwards, he returned to the Western Frontier with Betty, and taught her about the history of the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories, believing that this war between the Anglo's and Solar's was history repeating itself again.

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