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    General Pepper

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    General Pepper was commander of the Cornerian defense forces for many years and he was the one who exiled Andross to Venom. In Star Fox Assault he almost lost his life and when rescued was relieved of his position of General until further notice.

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    General Pepper is the leader of the Cornerian Defence and resembles an old general on duty.

    He is frequently in contact with the team and gives direct orders and contracts that often are too dangerous for even Cornerian Defence Force elites. When in doubt he will call on Star Fox and sometimes aid in moderating and analysing logistical and statistical sides of missions, for example, he monitored items of interest and locations for Fox, providing him with essential details in-mission in Star Fox Adventures.

    Typically he is not much of a fighter anymore although General Shears, possibly a friend of Pepper or of some level of relation, shows determination and agression with light arms efficiency in the Star Fox comic, Farewell Beloved Falco where he proceeds to attack Fox McCloud and Slippy Toad when they stumble across Andross' experiments deep inside a base. General Shears is very much like Pepper in that they are both generals, they are both basset hounds and Pepper usually is seen wearing a red ceremonial military dress with gold detail and Shears is seen wearing similar but with minor details respective to their background with the main difference being his dress which is olive green. Thus showing Pepper may have some weapon profficiency with light arms and if provoked may attack skillfully despite his sometimes absent minded, old appearance.

    Pepper appears in all games apart from Star Fox Command where Peppy has replaced him and he is only mentioned to be in a severely damaged state of health but is stable and far from able to safely perform his role of general. As a result, Pepper is relieved of his position of General until further notice, it is unclear whether he will work again or will regain his position of General.

    From the start of Star Fox to Star Fox 64 he has been close to the team and even closer when in Assault he is saved from what would have been certain death were it not for the quick thinking of the team. From then on, he is relieved of his position and so has only been seen in 4 games, one of which was cancelled.

    Of all the team, Pepper is close to Fox not only for the reason that Fox is leader but in the non canon Star Fox, he informs Fox that the black hole, which is reachable in the game under certain conditions, is the one in which his father disappeared in many years ago. 
    Many people believe that General Pepper is based of of the Beatles album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.  The uniform that he wears even looks like the Sgt. Pepper uniforms.


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