Problems with Master System Converter (Power Base Converter)

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So I finally got my Master system converter. The only master system I got is the master system 2 and RF makes me sad.

But, all my master system games does this blinky thing. Almost like the picture falls out for a couple of frames every couple of seconds. At first I thought it was the cable but I when I put in sonic & knuckles there is nothing like that going on.

The converter is for the second mega drive but I'm using it on the first model. It fits but there's a part going off to make sure it fits the first model so it probably shouldn't be that.

Anyone else with a master system converter or power base converter that has experienced the same issue? Or is mine fucked?

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I think it's awesome that this thread exists (duder is trying to get 25-year-old hardware to go and it's almost working) however, I have no solutions.

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