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    Genie is, as the name suggests, a genie. He has his own levels in some Aladdin games and is said to be the funniest Aladdin character.

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    The Genie of the Lamp is a powerful Genie discovered by Aladdin at the Cave of Wonders. He gave him the choice to have three wishes. Genie helped Aladdin and Abu escape the rubble and Aladdin wished to dress up as Prince Ali of Ababwa, a non-existent kingdom. When Aladdin was sent to drown, Genie saved Aladdin's life as his second wish. He and his lamp were taken by Jafar and made him become a Sultan, a sorcerer and the most powerful being in the universe. Genie made Jafar turn into a red Genie and was trapped by a black lamp. Genie threw the lamp into the desert. Aladdin's final wish was for Genie's freedom, making him powerless. In the 2019 remake, he marries one of Jasmine's handmaidens Dalia and has two children with her.


    In the 1992 animated film, Robin Williams provided the voice of Genie. He improvised a lot of his dialogue for the role and was considered by many as entertaining voice acting. In the 2019 live-action film, Will Smith portrayed the Genie. As in the original, he is blue in his Genie form but with CGI and motion capture.


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