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    "I'm ♥♪!?, but it's hard to pronounce... so call me 'Geno', after the doll." - Geno

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    An otherworldly traveler sent by a higher authority, whose real name is ♥♪!?. He comes to Mario's world from the Star Road to find the seven Star Pieces that will save The Mushroom Kingdom. He possesses the body of a child's doll, in which from he adopted the name Geno.


    Geno is a character unique to Super Mario RPG released for   SNES who has the ability to shoot out different types of bullets from his arm. He later made a cameo appearance in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga's Star 'Stache Smash  minigame as the game's overseer. According to the end credits of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Geno is a registered trademark of Square Enix, which is the same company for Super Mario RPG for the SNES, and his first appearance was Super Mario RPG which was developed by the same company. 

    Special Moves

    When Geno uses a Special Move, a red star is superimposed over his body.

    • Geno Beam - An incredible force of energy is dispersed a the enemy
    • Geno Boost - A magic based boost that favors the ally's attack.
    • Geno Whirl - Light disk is whirled at an enemy.
    • Geno Blast - A devastating attack that smites from the skies.
    • Geno Flash - Transforming into a canon, a disperse of energy is shot at all enemies.

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