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    Genyo Takeda

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    Genyo Takeda is Nintendo's General Manager, Integrated Research and Development, and one of their first video game designers.

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    Genyo Takeda worked as a game designer at Nintendo Japan in the 1970s and 80s, as one of their earliest electronic game designers predating even Miyamoto and Yokoi. As of 2009 he is the General Manager, Integrated Research and Development. Takeda worked with young artist and designer Shigeru Miyamoto to create several of Nintendo's long-standing franchises.

    Arcade games he was responsible for designing include:

    1975, EVR Race

    1979, Sheriff (the first game that Takeda and Miyamoto collaborated on)

    1980, Space Firebird

    1981, Donkey Kong

    1982, Popeye

    1983, Punch-Out!! (Takeda also came up with several character names including Glass Joe)

    Sources:, accessed 2009/08/10


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