Weapon Upgrades?

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#1 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

What happened to your weapon getting upgraded on Evolve game type, I really dislike the one you start with.

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#2 Posted by Subway (982 posts) -

Doesn't it just shoot faster?

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#3 Posted by DanCarmichael (234 posts) -

It's hard to tell, I personally haven't seen any noticeable difference of the weapon while playing and I managed to rank up a pretty high score on evolved mode. I think it gets slightly better but it's no where near as drastic a change as in GW 1.

 I think they have gone with a more standard "all round" weapon rather than 2 altering weapons in the first game.

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#4 Posted by n1ck (45 posts) -

in multiplayer (co op ) i played with my brother and there is colorful/noticeable stars that you can pick up witch so far ive picked up enimies moove slower, you moove faster,you have a shield so you can take a hit and still live, and i think 3 other powerups that change your weapon. thats all ive seen in co op but i have seen none of those powerups  in single player

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#5 Posted by n1ck (45 posts) -

o yah and theres one that gives you a bomb

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#6 Posted by Davvyk (787 posts) -

yeah you only get powerups in multiplayer now. your weapon doesnt upgrade every x amount of points like before

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