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As far as downloadable content goes, Geometry Wars 2 is about as good as anyone can get. I remember getting the first Geometry Wars based on my time with the original in Project Gotham Racing 2 and it was a really great game. The price was right, particularly versus the other games that were available during the 360’s launch. It was a nice simple way to show off a new high definition TV. This is the perfect sequel for that.

I won’t summarize every mode. But I think they did the right thing by evolving the series to take advantage of the variety that can be available in the vector-graphics style. Pacifism is a really great way to benefit from the Geometry Wars essence. And the Deadline mode was interesting since you don’t run out of those rare lives that feel so hard to get. The game just doesn’t feel as simple as it looks. The explosions of color visually stimulate like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Players might be simply pointing and shooting, but there is never a point where it feels like an empty shape shooting at little empty shapes.

The introduction of leaderboards into every mode and every screen are the replay value for the game. I was always looking to beat the best, just to make them beat me. My pleasure came from that unspoken competition. Whoever is on top knows they’re on top. Even minor changes like multipliers and increasing the score that can be acquired has really made it enjoyable. Geometry Wars felt like a miserable struggle just to reach a million. Making scores higher made me feel better. The whole thing is like a video game equivalent of those little moments throughout the day where you feel good about it all. And so, for the first time in a while, I actually remembered that there is an Xbox Live Arcade and that it can be capable of retail quality games.

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