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A 39 year old, well educated man, who is wise enough to know that he's not the best pick as team leader; George is a strong supporting character, who makes use of his medicinal skills to aid his friends. Throughout the game, cutscenes allude a kindling romance between George and Cindy Lennox.


George being a doctor can mix herbs to create alternating affects. With this skill, he can twist the herbs functionality to serve an opposite purpose, such as turning a green herb into a green pill, which cures poison rather than heal a character. In Outbreak - File 2, George is given a capsule shooter that allows him to instead shoot the pills for a more efficient and speedy way of dousing out the healing. It can also be used as a weapon should he equip the gun with white pills, which are intended to temporarily halt the T-Virus infection.
His unique skill is a chargeable shove, that can potentially have zombies sent soaring.

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