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    George Ice Cube

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    George is an Chinker in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise that is often found in unfortunate situations

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    George's first appearance is in Cloud Cuckooland in Banjo-Tooie, where he is perched on the top of one of the many cliffs located in the world. Later, he also appears sitting on top of a flight pad that Banjo and Kazooie would like to use. George then explains to you that he lives down below in Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side) next to Boggy's Igloo with his wife Mildred, and that one day a gust of wind blew him up to Cloud Cuckooland, leaving him stuck here. He asks if Banjo and Kazooie if they wouldn't mind giving him a gentle push so that he could fall down to be reunited with his wife.

    Unfortunately, George's spatial awareness is not as well-developed as he would have hoped, as after Banjo and Kazooie give him a push off of the edge, he soon discovers he is falling down on to the fire side of Hailfire Peaks. George lands in a pool of boiling hot water, and sensing his death is only mere moments away, he asks the bear and bird to tell his wife that he loves her. Sadly, he does not live long enough to finish the sentence.

    On the upside, George's death was not utterly pointless. Not only do Banjo and Kazooie now have access to an additional Flight Pad, but the pool of water that he landed on is now cooled down enough so Banjo can swim in it. This allows Banjo to press a switch located at the bottom of the pool which then opens a door under the water which leads to Jolly Rogers Lagoon straight into Piggle's and Trotty's pool. Assuming you have done both parts of there task they give you, you will be rewarded with a Jiggy.

    Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

    It's never cleared up whether the George that appears in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is the same George from Banjo-Tooie that the Lord of Games has revived, or whether they are just replicas of them. In any case, George is now looking a little different. George now styles a moustache and a bowler hat (both of course made out of ice).

    George appears in Banjo-Land and is only featured in one mission, "Ice To See You". In the mission, Bottles tells Banjo and Kazooie that George has slipped down the hill from the "Freezeezy Peak" display into the "Gobi's Valley" display, and if they do not do something soon, George will melt and be no more. Banjo and Kazooie then travel down to George and carry him all the way back to Mildred; reunited at last.


    • George and his wife Mildred are most likely based of a hit British sitcom called George and Mildred.
    • George is one of the few speaking "Non Enemy" characters in Banjo-Kazooie that actually dies.

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