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    George Woodman

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    The Sheriff of Greenvale, who has a large sense of small-town justice.

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    Sheriff George Woodman was raised by an abusive, mentally unbalanced single mother, who often lashed him with a tree branch. She referred to this practice as the "Tree Punishment", and this repeated abuse scarred young George, both mentally and physically. This tragic upbringing may have compelled him to join law enforcement, a job he takes very seriously. Though he lacks the profiling skills of visiting FBI agent Francis York Morgan, he is still committed to stopping the nefarious Raincoat Killer at any cost. In his spare time, George enjoys working out, and has a pair of custom dumbbells named "Arnold" and "Sylvester", after action movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. If York makes a show of friendship to George, he will reward the agent with a police radio, allowing him to be picked up and dropped off anywhere in Greenvale he wishes.

    The Truth

    The New Raincoat Killer turned out to be George Woodman himself, Harry's son (at the end of the game Harry reveals to Zach that his real last name is Woodman). George effectively played the parts of the killer and the sheriff investigating the case. He made it appear that he was trying to save Becky and Diane when he "accidentally" caused their deaths, but he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. After killing Carol, his fourth victim, he claims that the red seeds have granted him divine powers and that he is invulnerable. However, he is killed in combat with York (George's weak point was his back, most likely due to his mother constantly whipping him there when he was a boy) ending the reign of the New Raincoat Killer. It is also interesting to note that George's grandfather was the original Raincoat Killer.


    "I'm the Sheriff, George Woodman. Call me George."

    "I hope you'll come to appreciate that, Agent Morgan."

    "You have to treat women carefully like a thin, crystal, wine glass."

    "Shut your crap, York!"


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