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    Geothermal Power Plant

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    A facility on the Bottle Ship in Metroid: Other M. The area also makes an appearance as a stage in Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

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    The Geothermal Power Plant is a section of the Bottle Ship in Metroid: Other M. It is here that Samus discovers that Ridley, her arch-nemesis, had returned to the world of the living after being killed during the events of Super Metroid. Overcome by the shock of seeing him again, Samus freezes up and is attacked by Ridley until the monstrous enemy is distracted by Anthony Higgs, giving her just enough time to recover and fight back.

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    In Dead or Alive: Dimensions, this section of the Bottle Ship appears as a stage that can be selected and played on after completing the final Arcade ladder. The stage features Ridley as a hazard; during the match, he'll occasionally spit fireballs that hurt any fighter caught in its damage radius. If a fighter is knocked off of the platform, Ridley will catch them, grind them against the wall, spit fire on them and then toss them back into the arena. Samus also makes rare appearances during battles in her morph ball form and will unleash a Power Bomb.


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