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    Gewehr 43

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    A German rifle, similar to the Russian Tokarev SVT-40.

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    The Gewehr 43 was a semi-automatic rifle used by Nazi Germany during World War II. The word 'gewehr' literally means 'rifle' in English, translating the name of the weapon to 'Rifle 43', or 'Rifle 1943'. To a smaller extent the Gewehr 1943 was also known as the Karabiner 43, much like how the Kar 98 was known as the ' Gewehr 98' to a smaller degree. The G43, as some gaming media calls it, was in production between the years of 1943 and 1945, when the war closed. Despite only being in production for two years, the Nazis produced nearly half a million rifles. The G43 fired the standard German 7.92mm round, and was gas-operated, which was unique for its time. 
    Prototypes for the Gewehr 43 were first drawn up under the name of 'Gewehr 41', as the Nazis realised a semi-automatic rifle would make the Wehrmacht and other branches of the German military more effective than a bolt-action rifle. Some of the Gewehr 43 rifles in effect were fitted with rails for scopes, and when scopes were used, they were exclusively ZF-4 model scopes. No records suggest the Nazis ever using any other model of scope.

    Game Appearances

    Call of Duty: World at War

     The Gewehr 43's pick-up icon
     The Gewehr 43's pick-up icon
    In Call of Duty: World at War, the Gewehr 43 is only ever encountered during the Soviet campaign, as Dimitri Petrenko. The Wehrmacht occasionally drop Gewehr 43 rifles, which can be useful to collect. For the most part the rifle is almost exactly identical to the SVT-40, which is occasionally the default weapon during Russian missions. Like the SVT-40, the Gewehr 43 is almost always more desirable than the Karabiner 98k or the Mosin-Nagant, unless a sniper rifle is required. The Gewehr 43 has no recoil in Single Player or Nazi Zombies, and appears across all three modes.
    The Gewehr 43's iron sights are similar to the StG. 44's, which is also available in-game. The Gewehr 43 can appear in any of the Nazi Zombies maps, but cannot be bought off the wall in Nacht der Untoten and must be acquired from the Mystery Box. The Gewehr 43 is decent enough for the earlier waves, as the zombies will have lower health. It becomes less effective as you progress through the waves of undead Nazis, and should be traded in after round ten at the very latest. Should the Gewehr 43 be acquired in Der Riese, it can be placed in the Pack-a-Punch machine, whereupon it becomes the 'G115 Compressor'. Unfortunately, the G115 is not amazing in comparison as it can still be drained of ammunition quickly.
    In online play the Gewehr 43 has one critical advantage over the Soviet Russian SVT-40: it can be used with Rifle Grenades. The SVT does not have this option, and for players who use the Rifle Grenades the SVT can be effectively discarded for the German comparable rifle. The Suppressor works in Core game modes, but is much more beneficial in Hardcore due to the decreased health. When equipped with a Telescopic Sight the Gewehr 43 can be used as a longer-range marksman's rifle, from which it can potentially cause snipers a lot of trouble. If the shooter has a fast enough trigger finger they can easily drop a sniper before they can get an accurate shot off.

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