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Zeno Clash 1

Ghat is one of Father-Mother's children who, 28 days before the start of the game, went to go live with the corwids for an unexplained reason. He is trained by Metamoq and fights with Gabel and Helim before leaving when Metamoq kills himself. When he comes back, he visits the northern gate bar and there, learns of Father-Mother's terrible secret. He then proceeds to go hunt down Father-Mother, culminating in the first cutscene of the game, where Ghat holds a skull bomb up to Father-Mother's head whilst he is pinned down; which is reminiscent of what Metamoq did to him. Father-Mother appears to die and Ghat leaves.

Deadra appears and this provides Ghat with the motivation to escape; Ghat's previous plan was just to stand there and wait for retribution. He and Deadra escape into the forest of the corwids, and then after that into the desert, where Ghat faces off with Hunter. Ghat successfully defeats Hunter and they go then to, what they call the end of the world. They face off with spirit creatures and go further in, where Ghat awakens Golem, who tells Ghat that he needs to face the problem head on, and Ghat acquiesces.

They make their way back and Ghat will still not reveal the secret to Deadra. Golem knows, but allows Ghat to keep the secret to himself. They run into Ghat's brothers and sisters and they decide to go the longer way through the coast, to avoid running into them again. Hunter awaits them there, and he nearly kills Ghat, until Golem comes in to save the day (and reveals that he is psychically linked to both of them, so that any damage he takes, they will also take).

They make their way through the gate into Halstedom and run into Father-Mother, who is still alive, and Ghat defeats Father-Mother again. He does not reveal the secret, but Golem does; that Father-Mother is a male creature who stole every one of his children from their real parents.

Zeno Clash 2

Rimat, one of Father-Mother's children, seeks Ghat's help to spring Father-Mother out of the jail that Golem has created.


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