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    Ghillie Suit

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    Camouflage used by snipers in games such as Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield.

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    The ghillie suit is a type of camouflage that is designed to look like heavy foliage. It is used by snipers to hide them from enemies and hunters use them to hunt their prey without being spotted. It is also use in simulation games like paintball and airsoft. Ghillie suits are manufactured, but usually snipers make their own. Its very time consuming for someone to make a ghillie suit but it's cheap and fairly easy. There are many instructions on how to make a ghillie suit

    online. Snipers also when on mission put on local foliage like twigs and branches. They must also change those foliage every few hours because of the wilting of green grasses or branches.

    In video games using ghillie suits is sometimes considered poor play due to camping by players. Ghillie suits are often paired with sniper rifles making their use difficult in some games and therefore limit their effectiveness.


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