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    Ghost Master

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 23, 2003

    Take a host of ghosts and show the people of Gravenville who's boss!

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    The game takes place in various abodes and houses with the player being in charge of all sorts of ghosts and evil beings, manipulating the environment and haunting the places in order to drive out the inhabitants. Each level has different objectives, although driving people mad or scaring them to bits is usually what it comes down to. Prior to the level, the player can choose from an array of ghost he wants to take on the mission. The most crucial difference between the ghosts is their respective field of applicability. A water spirit for example can be used to manipulate sinks and bathtubs etc. The resource in the game is called plasm and is generated through fear.

    Upon completing a level, the player is rated on their performance based on the time taken to complete the mission in comparison to a par time, scares in the mission, screams in the mission, and how many ghosts were "Laid to Rest." The player is rewarded in the form of gold plasm, which can be exchanged for additional powers in the "Ghoul Room".

    Ghosts collected from each mission can be found in the "Ghoul Room" which can be accessed from the between mission map. This location is a mansion with multiple rooms that divides up the ghosts by their fetters.

    Apart from the regular victims, the game also features priests, witches, mediums and even the ghostbreakers (which are ghost busters effectively) who can fight your ghosts in various manners.

    The game was released to the Xbox and PlayStation 2 with a slightly modified name: Ghost Master: The Gravenville Chronicles.

    The PC version is currently available through Steam and includes an extra mission, Class Of Spook 'Em High, not included in the physical version of the game. This mission provides a true ending to the game where the player must disable a bomb that was placed in the mansion by the Ghostbreakers, intended to wipe out all the ghosts in Gravenville. This mission was available to the European audience through a post-launch patch, but was not made accessible to the other regions until the game was released on Steam.

    PC Requirements

    • Windows 98/ME/XP/2000;
    • Pentium III 450 (Min.), Pentium IV 1.5GHz (Rec.);
    • Nvidia TNT2 3D card (Min.), Radeon 7500/GeForce2 (Rec.);
    • DirectX 8.1;
    • 128MB RAM (Min.), 256MB (Rec.);
    • 750MB hard drive space.

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