how's everyone finding it so far?

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I think it's really cool, the puzzles can be tricky but never unfair, the music's amazing, characters are cool and the story is excellent.
also the dog is awesome.

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I know very little about the game but what I've seen reminds me of the train detective chapter in Paper Mario 2.

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I didn't realize it came out today.

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The writing and animation are so good. 
Everything about it is good really.

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I've kept away from most trailers and such of it. I dunno if it's even out in Europe yet, but it's from the Phoenix Wright guys so expectations are high. I probably won't pick it up either way until I've cleared out my back catalouge a little. Still, looking forward to it.

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I definitely like what I've played so far. Very well written, and I love the art style and smooth animations (getting a real rotoscoped vibe). None of the puzzles I've encountered at this point have been all that difficult, but they are all quite clever.

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Ha ha - yes that dog is awesome - now that I've played that part your avatar picture makes me happy.
This thread reminded me I intended to check this game out so I just picked it up - it has a lot of charm.  More time stream fun than Back to the Future for sure.

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Been finding it quite a challenge with the puzzles, to find the right objects to use, etc.  
Since everyone seems to love Missile I ended up taking a wee video of him. I wondered why everybody kept saying 'WELCOME' until the dialogue...   


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I'm through the third chapter so far, and I'm really liking it.  The animation is excellent, the story is unique and the puzzle elements are great.  I'll have to see how the rest of the game goes, until I can definitively say how good it is.

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I'm a few chapters in, and I must say I've really enjoyed it so far.  Missile's portion had me in stitches, and although I've just really met him, the inspector's animations and language have kept me entertained since parting ways with the Pomeranian. 
This animation, not even qualifying it with a "for the DS," is amazing.  I've intentionally failed sections just to bask in the details.

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I was late to order but I should be getting this next week. I can't wait!
Also, wait. The dog's name is Missile? As in Missile from the Ace Attorney series? Nostalgia. Bomb.

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I've been debating whether or not to pick up ghost trick, but with everyone seeming to love the story and the characters I may just have too... after I finish all of 999

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Really enjoying it but I can't see there being any replayability. That said I'm definitely invested in where the story is going.

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If it wasn't for the story and characters, I would not have finished it.

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@yoshimitz707 said:
It's so fucking good. And Cabanela's got moves. 
Favorite game of the year so far (albeit, it's also the the only game I've played this year). Can't really imagine replaying it though now that I know the story and how to do the puzzles. Still, I wouldn't dare trade back those 8 or so hours. It was bliss.
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I am digging this game pretty hard right now. I think the whole trial and error theme might weigh on some folks. But I like games like that. Fresh story, fresh characters... and yes, fantastic dance moves.

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It's already guaranteed a spot on my 2011 GOTY.
And I think the creator of the game has a dog irl named missile, that's why you see it cameo in so many of his games =)
And watch for the dance animations of the prison guard. It's fucking awesome =)

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I never liked Phoenix Wright, but this totally appeals to me. I wonder why. Maybe it's the haircut. It's probably the haircut.

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I'm finding it tedious as hell right now. 
I'm on chapter 3... holy crap. I'm enjoying the art. The story. The characters etc... no desire to play it. I'm not sure what to do at this point and restarting involved a good minute or two of going through shit again to get to where I am again... I'd almost rather just look up a guide at this point... and I'm not even that far in... 
Edit: upon further thought, may be over reacting. 

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I just picked it up yesterday and I've only played about 15 mins but, OH MY GOSH I"M HOOKED!
I really like the way the puzzles work and I'm surprised at how much animation there is, considering this is from the developers of Phoenix Wright. But, anyway I got to get back to playing.

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My only problems with this game is that puzzels should be a little harder and it has no sequel.......yet

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I just beat it. And I have to say the story was amazing, I first question i had was the last one answered and i personally loved how it was answered. Game play and music  was amazing, i love solving puzzles that way, especially how they made restarting a puzzle make sense in the world and sometimes the only way to solve a puzzle. They added new elements that changed up how you attacked the puzzles and at one point, pulled a giant page from inception (we must go DEEPER). Absolutely my favourite ds game. I can't wait for a sequel. And note that i dont play adventure games (except for that back to the future thing, which i enjoyed), i couldnt get very far in ace attorney or professor layton. 
5/5 met all my expectations, gave me a great ride, despite the fact that i probably wont replay. I hope i dont forget about this game for goty. People who want a light hearted mystery(some genuinely funny scenes) go play this.

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@TheMathlete: Props to Lt. Exley

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