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Modeled after Anthony Wong, who played Ghost in the Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions, Ghost is a member of the Logos hovercraft and is one of two main characters in Enter The Matrix.

Ghost is a philosopher at heart and delivers quotes from some of the greatest minds in the field, however Ghost's calling is that of a marksman.  He is referred to throughout Matrix canon as best shot in the rebel fleet and as one of the best hand-to-hand fighters, as well.

While Ghost works closely with his captain Niobe, his heart lies with Trinity for whom he bears unrequited feelings.  Trinity is told by the oracle that she will find and fall in love with The One, who turns out to be Neo.  Trinity and Ghost, supposedly freed from The Matrix on the same day, are more like brother and sister and Ghost reveals that Trinity's lack of romantic feeling toward him is actually a relief.  Ghost remarks that he felt freed of expectation, most likely due to the fact that Trinity not being in love with him meant that he was not The One and that he did not have to bear the burden of being The One.

Ghost's new look.
Ghost's new look.
After the Logos is given to Neo in the The Matrix: Revolutions, Ghost temporarily becomes a gunner on the Mjolnir (The Hammer).  Ghost also makes appearances in The Matrix Online sporting a shaven head and no facial hair, he continues to serve under Niobe on the new Logos.

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