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Ghostbusters The Video Game Review

To those out there who couldn't get enough of the Ghostbusters movies and have been dying for more, let me introduce you to the game that is basically Ghostbusters 3. With the entire lead cast voicing this adventure you'll find yourself pleading that this game was a movie. You take on the role as the rookie, and will be fighting along side all the other Ghostbusters as you try to figure out what is going on in New York. You'll visit old familiar places, and recognize some evil faces. You'll become the guinea pig for Egon's experimental changes to the proton pack.

Graphically this game delivers what it needs to with some very unique looking ghosts thrown into the bunch. You'll definitely get to visit the library and the hotel where it all started. There is some blandness to some of the nit-picky parts of the levels, but it won't take away from the experience. It was also fun to see a pretty spot on representation of the Ghostbusters.

The vocals being done by the actual cast was a treat. Sadly there was no Rick Moranis, but I think we can make do without him. There were times where it felt that some of the work was kind of phoned-in, but overall it was a lot of fun to listen to the wise-cracking jokes and the oddball comments.

I had a couple of issues with the controls. I felt like when I switched into the mode in which you can scan entities and objects that sometimes I couldn't quickly revert back to being able to attack with something barreling down on me. Other than that though I really had no issues with the controls.

As I stated before this should have been made into a movie. The game had its upsides, but I would have much rather watched the game play itself than actually play it. There were times where I felt that the shooting of the particle streams was a bit off, and there were certain types that I never really used. Sure there was an advantage to sliming something, or hitting it with the stasis beam, but in the end I was using what I had from the very beginning. I do have to say that it was fun just causing as much property damage as humanly possible, and trying to find the cursed artifacts was enjoyable as well. I also think it was a good idea that they didn't have you play as one of the original ghostbusters, I think that would have really taken away from the game. 

With a solid story grounded in Ghostbusters lore this game is definitely something to take a peek at. I just wish it was a movie instead of a game. The mechanics don't always match up and sometimes you're just lost in the game (not because of awe, but because there are times where you have to assume, and assume correctly to get through a part in the level). There's also the issue of getting too far ahead and having to wait for one of the ghostbusters to catch up with you to trigger a cut-scene. Overall a good experience that would have made some awesome movie magic. This game gets a 7.2 out of 10.

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