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Capturing ghosts has never been this fun before!

If you've ever watched the movies, you will no doubt enjoy the comical value of this game, but some of the flaws make for a very frustrating experience.


    The Ghostbuster game brings capturing ghosts to the gamer in a way never before seen. Nothing can quite describe how fun it is trying to lure a ghost into a trap as it fights against the inevitable. The proton pack acts just as it is expected to, but is hardly 'realistic' according to Ghostbusters lore. So many times has it been said "Never let the streams cross". Well in the video game that's impossible, and worry not friends, it's also not detrimental. The A.I. Ghostbusters are always running all over the place, and sometimes it's impossible to not blast them in the back as they cross your path - which can be incredibly aggrivating when you are trying to make a capture.  

    The game offers 4 different weapon types, each with their own distinct functions, but when it boils down to the action you'll find yourself relying on just 1 or 2 of those weapons, which is unfortunate as all of the weapons are cool in their own special way. One major problem with the game was the loading screens. Even if death happened moments after it loaded, there was still an abnormally long loading screen as it moved to the last checkpoint. The gamer could have died 3 seconds after a reload, and still have to wait another 30 seconds to retry. While this may seem petty, it grew old and tiresome.

    Another problem was sometimes it felt as if you were playing the team doctor rather than the 5th man with a proton pack.  Your teammates, widely considered 'experts' would of never made it through this campaign without your constant 'revives'. This also grew to become an annoyance. It's also a problem when you go down, as then you'll have to wait to be revived, and if they don't make it to you in time you'll fail the mission and begin the reload sequence all over again.


    In an age where graphics of a game are expected to be top notch, Ghostbusters delivers.  Everything the proton beam hits can be destroyed, which makes for a lot of fun when it comes to just outright making a mess of things.  There are even achievements for destruction.  A constant tally of how much damages you have created shows the amount of destruction you have inflicted.  The graphics show the destruction well in this game, which makes for a very interesting experience.


    This is by far a great step in the Ghostbusters world, but of course it has it's problems. Trying to play ranked matches with friends is possible, but not the easiest to accomplish. My friends and I had to be in a party, one would create a match and let us know what to search for in the custom matches section. Assuming nobody else found the match first we were fine to play.  However, if you don't care about ranked matches you can always go unranked, thus allowing you to invite your friends or even limit how many public slots are available. With it's many modes and jobs, the multiplayer can keep a fan coming back for more even after they've gotten the achievements.

    Ghostbusters The Video Game offers a ton of entertainment for fans and potentially creates more  fans of the franchise. They've kept true to the personalities of the cast, and it's humor is a huge selling point.  I would of loved to give this 5 stars, but with the constant revives, reload screens, and multiplayer woes I rated this a 4.  None of these problems were gamebreaking, but all the same they were big annoyances.  Until you play it, you'll never know how much fun it is trying to capture ghosts and following the third story of  Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winston; tagged along with the new Rookie: you.  

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